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Stephanie Rubi, LE, licensed California state electrologist, has successfully practiced electrolysis since 1984. Along with 30 years experience, Susan uses the latest technology in low level thermolysis to achieve the permanent removal of undesirable facial or body hair. Her clients include adult men and women, as well as teenagers. Susan maintains the highest level of hygiene, safety and security with the use of disposable, sterilized probes. Susan is recommended by physicians and pleased clients.

Christina, LE, licensed California state electrologist, graduated from the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. She has experience working with both men and women of all ages. Misty is proficient in all three modalities: low level thermolysis, galvanic, and the blend. She will consult with the client to decide which modality will best suit their needs. Misty personally understands the discomfort of having unwanted hair. After personally seeing the results of electrolysis, she developed a passion for the field and a desire to help others rid themselves of their unwanted hair - once and for all.

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